Springtime skincare: a complete guide to healthy skin

Spring in Michigan is sometimes dry, but your skin can tell when it’s time to switch up your skincare routine each season! Everyone responds differently to products, so don’t take my recommendations as the holy grail. But, I’m happy to share a routine that is good for just about anyone! As we say buh-bye to winter (hopefully), it’s time to change up your routine so you can have your best skin yet!

Here are some tips to amp up your skincare routine as we head towards warmer weather:


Sunscreen should ALWAYS be a part of your springtime skincare regimen, but as we start seeing sunnier days, it’s even more important. Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen (protects against UVA and UVB rays) or moisturizer that has at least a SPF of 30 in it. Pop some on and go about your day. Reapply if you’re outside for a longer period of time!


Get rid of that dead, dry, winter skin and say hi to a fresh face! Use a gentle exfoliant; anything too gritty can actually cause tiny tears in your skin- yuck! I exfoliate about 1-2x a week, it just depends on your skin type! An exfoliant is awesome.  After it sloughs off the old skin, it reveals new skin that is ready to soak up all the lovely vitamins from your products! Remember- you CAN over-exfoliate.  So take special care to avoid this by looking at your skin- if it seems overly dry or irritated, exfoliate less.

Buh-bye blemishes

Dark spots suck, we all know this. Maybe you picked at a blemish because you just couldn’t help it – it happens, I know. Use a spot-treatment on those pesky areas. Ingredients to look for when picking a treatment? Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHAs) and Vitamin C will be your new BFFs that will lighten those dark spots! Whether those spots came from a blemish or a nasty sunburn, good acids have your back!

Keep it light

Lighten up your moisturizer. A lot of skin gets oilier as we get into warmer and more humid weather. Unless you are someone that has incredibly dry skin, now is a great time to use something a little lighter and gentler to hydrate your face. An oil-free option would be fantastic here, as they hydrate without weighing your skin down.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and as always, if you’d like specific product recommendations for your skin type, feel free to reach out to me! Happy Spring!

Xo, Kay (@browedbyabadass)