Scalp Balance

Scalp balance for your hair one day at a time!!!!

Let’s talk about the scalp! Yes, the scalp! Why? because our scalp is so important! We as women or men will shop the cosmetics department and stock up on face creams, eye creams, moisturizers, toners and all the things. However when was the last time you stocked up on something for your scalp? Listen to me when I tell you, YOUR SCALP IS IMPORTANT. A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair! Just because you don’t see it does not mean it is not vitally as important to care for as your face care regimen!

If you want your hair to grow and be healthy then you need something to help stimulate the scalp. Your scalp needs to be balanced out, taken care of, and loved on! While standing behind the chair I assess lots of scalps and I can always tell who does things right and who doesn’t.

Scalps that are healthy are free from any irritants, extreme dandruff, extreme oiliness, itching, burning and hair loss!

Treat your scalp like you would treat your garden; using the best soils that are high in nutrients will make your vegetables grow beautifully! Anything we care for properly will only thrive!!! Right??? Yes I am right! If you don’t water your garden it won’t grow. Likewise, if you don’t feed your body a healthy diet you will find yourself facing disease, cancer, and poor body mechanics. Which ultimately causes you to possibly have a shorter life. If you don’t invest in your children, then they won’t grow! It’s the same logic with your hair and scalp.

We all want beautiful hair, but are we doing what it takes to get there??? Do we not take the recommendation our stylists are offering us seriously? Well if you’re not then it’s time to start! You don’t doubt the doctor when he writes you a prescription based on his recommendation, so why doubt us? We’re also professionals and only want the best for your hair’s well-being! Now let’s get that scalp healthy!

Healthy Scalp Tips:

  • Using Omega 3 supplement has been shown to support scalp health as well as using a probiotic!
  • Diets that are rich in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables will support scalp health.
  • Use a scalp scrub, just as you would exfoliate your face or skin. A scalp scrub will help remove excess oils, dandruff, and skin cells which in turn will also help stimulate hair growth!
  • Do not wash your hair every day. I can’t stress the importance of this enough! Your hair is not meant to be washed everyday, it will essentially cause more oil in your hair. Our bodies naturally produce oil, so when you’re washing it all of the time you’re stripping those oils. Which in turn makes your scalp produce more oils that will make your hair overly oily. You really should not wash your hair more than three times a week, four tops! If your scalp is more on the dry side then even less to help with the balance of oil distribution.
  • When you shampoo, are you scrubbing or gently massaging? Scrubbing is not effective. Massage gently in circular motions. This will help with hair growth because it will increase circulation and free your scalp from abrasion.
  • Now most importantly are the hair care products you’re using! Your products should be Sulphate free and free of alcohol! Products containing these will dry you out. They strip away your natural oils in your hair and can cause irritation. Because they will suck the moisture out of your hair, you will find your hair to be frizzier, drier, and damaged which causes way more breakage. Then you will probably spend more time using heat attempting to smooth it. Which will cause further breakage and dryness. Everything has a ripple effect! The older we get the more important it is to use less abrasive products on our scalp/hair as we have years of abuse to it.

The next time you’re at the drug store and you are about to grab that cheaper bottle of shampoo on the shelf, remember that you’re potentially destroying the health of your scalp and hair! Stylists make recommendations for your hair based on what your hair needs and the health of your scalp. We are not just trying to push retail on you! We care for your hair care needs! I can not stress enough the importance of using professional hair care products and the correct products based on the recommendations of a licensed professional.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you’re investing in hair color the best thing for that is using products that will maintain longevity to your hair. Keeping it hydrated and using the correct styling products will preserve the color. It will also restore the shine, youth, and beauty of it. Essentially saving you money from over-coloring and further damage!

Cheers to a happy healthy scalp and beautiful hair!!!!!