meet our babes. our hair stylists are the secret sauce of our operations and we’d love for you to check ’em out.


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Hello, babes! I am the owner of A+G and I’m crazy passionate about finding the perfect custom blonde (or color) for you! Likewise, NBR hair extensions is a specialty of mine too. Of course, I love being outside, at the beach, eating tacos, sipping coffee, or with my hubby on some sort of adventure. My favorite quote: WWJD?


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Hey beautiful babes, I’m Kara. I am passionate about continued education in the hair industry and learning all that I can. I am a true crazy plant lady and a mother of two cats. Also, I love being silly and dancing like nobody is watching. Last but not least, I truly believe I’m “The Office” tv show’s biggest fan.


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Hello, I am Tiffany! I find that if you look good, you feel good, and it makes both you and I feel empowered! My family includes my husband, two beautiful children, and a dog. I love adventure and I’m an adrenaline junky! In the same way, I love car rides, hiking, camping, tropical vacations, good food and frozen drinks!!