May Flowers

May flowers come from April showers!

Let’s talk about outdoor gardening! Plants are quickly becoming a passion for people around the globe. With resources on how to take care of them at our fingertips, indoor and outdoor gardening can now be for anyone! But let’s take baby steps and I will teach you about a few of my favorite outdoor plants that are so easy; I promise you can do it.

Something to keep in mind when plant shopping is what direction your garden would be facing in accordance to the sun. Most plants have tags on them indicating whether they need a west facing house, east, ect. Lighting is key and all plant babies are different!

One thing I have found that I love when it comes to planting, are smells. I go to a greenhouse and touch or smell any plant I am interested in. If it’s soft AND smells good… bonus! Now let’s get our hands dirty.

An easy beginner plant that I adore is called Silver Mound Artemisia. She is fluffy, smells amazing, and grows quickly! You can plant her in a pot and switch the pots out as she grows or put her right into the ground and she will grow like a fluffy mint-green bush! Silver Mound Artemisia is a perennial plant; she will hibernate for the winter then come right back up in the springtime. Just trim back her old bark stalks and let her grow! She also loves lots of sunshine and water. If you are having a particularly hot summer, I’d recommend watering her nicely everyday to keep the leaves strong and thick. 

Another simple plant I’ve found to love is called Cerveza. With the right care, it will grow very wide, very fast. So don’t be afraid to trim back some leaves if you want it confined to a specific space. This plant requires a decent amount of water, but it can also take the heat of hot summers, so if you forget a day – don’t panic. It’s a vibrant green color and smells wonderful when fluffed up a bit. 

If you are looking for more of an easy flowering plant, I’d highly recommend the perennial geranium also known as Cranesbill. These babies LOVE the sunshine! They will tolerate some shade but if you want them thriving, put those babes in full sun. Now this is a plant you will want to cut back here and there to encourage new growth. Geraniums will spread out beautifully across your garden if cut back properly. This plant gives off a vibrant bluish purple color and will come back every summer.

I hope this helps and you have fun with your new May flowers!