House Plants

Do you love plants but aren’t sure if you have a green thumb? No worries, I am going to tell you about 5 easy, low maintenance plants that keep your air purified and your heart happy!

I have been a crazy plant lady for some time now and already went through the trial and error for you!

Snake Plants! 

These green beauties are the best place to start. They THRIVE on neglect. That being said… yes you still have to water them. I water mine once every two weeks, but honestly, if you forget for an extra week or even two, they will be FINE! They are low light plants so they can be just about anywhere in your house. A fun fact about snake plants is that they absorb excessive amounts of carbon monoxide. They even filter out other toxins such as xylene, benzene, and more! Leaving your house purified and healthy.

Money Tree!

The money tree is another low maintenance house plant. This tree can go around one or two weeks between waterings. Once the soil feels pretty dry, you can go ahead and water again. They require indirect sunlight in order to feel their best. Not only are they said to bring good luck and fortune, but they are also another air purifier! Money trees can grow quite tall if taken care of correctly. In the wild, they are known to get up to 60 ft high!


A pothos plant is trendy and elegant. There are many different types of pothos, each are unique and beautiful in their own way! They have vines that can cascade down a shelf or can be hung. These plants are incredibly simple for a new plant owner. They thrive best in BRIGHT indirect sunlight, although they can live okay in low light conditions too. They love to be watered well, but need the soil to thoroughly dry out between waterings. These plants require a well draining pot and soil in order to prevent root rot. They are also extremely easy to propagate! In having just one plant, you could grow 6 more!


Aloe is a simple yet beautiful house plant that has been a favorite by the world for decades! Known for their gel that has the ability to soothe and heal burns or cuts. They do not require a lot of sun or watering, but I have found mine grows thickest and biggest when in bright indirect sunlight with weekly watering. 


Now time for the super popular house succulent. The cactus. Cactus’ I would claim to be the easiest of all the house plants. They rarely need water as they are desert plants and store water inside for long periods of time. Sunlight can be anywhere from direct, to low light depending on the type of cactus you have so do your research! Believe it or not, plants can get sunburned. They come in all shapes and colors so find one that suits your personality!