Shampoo and Conditioner Bottle in Christmas setting

Hair Hydration

Christmas Giving

We are excited to announce our 12 Days of Giveaways starting December 8th. Each day has a special promotion that you can either buy for that day or for January through March. What’s so nice about that you say?! The fact that you have something to look forward to in 2021!

Another exciting thing that we are doing this year is that we are teaming up with Toys for Tots! When you bring in something off of our list, you get 10% off towards your future appointment from January through March. The list below are some things that are needed for teens and preteens.

  • Sport Equipment (Baseball Gloves, Skateboards, Football, Soccer ball, etc.)
  • Smithsonian Projects (Telescope, Microscope, Science Project, etc.)
  • Headphones
  • After Shave
  • Portable CD/DVD Player
  • Teen Board Games
  • Nerf Items
  • Perfume
  • Makeup
  • Blow Dryer
  • Curling Iron
  • Arts and Crafts

We want to say thank you so much for supporting us this year during one of the craziest times in our lives. We are so blessed to have such loving and kind people walking through our doors, and for that, we are forever grateful and blessed to serve you.

Hydration Nation

What do the winter months look like for your hair? Whenever we switch seasons it’s always good to switch up your regimen for how you take care of your hair. In the summer you might need smoothing products, but for the winter, you’ll need hydration. For anyone who has lived in Michigan for a while, you know how dry the air gets here.

Personally, I get all of my candles out, light them, and start a fire in the chimney. Before you know it, the air is so dry I can almost come up with my own smokers’ voice. Then my hair gets fuzzy, dry, and brittle – and not the good kind that you eat either.

So for my hair hydration I make sure to have my Hydrate Wash and Rinse from Kevin Murphy; and most recently, I’ve been obsessed with Zenagen. Zenagen is a shampoo and grows your hair 40% faster. Which by my roots alone, I cannot lie, it works! I just leave that on for 5 minutes and go straight to my Hydrate shampoo and then leave in the conditioner for a few minutes after shampooing my hair out.

If I’m really feeling like I’m lacking luster to my hair, I’ll use my Young Again Masque for some extra bounce to my curls and hydration. Side note – did you know you can leave up to 50% of the conditioners in your hair? Yaaaaaaas, girl! So please do it! I just make sure my scalp has no conditioner and leave the conditioner on my mid – to – ends of my hair. Next thing you know, my hair is onto bigger and better things.

Dry Scalp

Do you suffer from a dry scalp in the winter months? You’ve tried everything to hydrate your scalp to keep the flakes away but it’s still there and haunts you when you go out? Then look no further! We carry a Scalp Spa Scrub and Wash just for that.

The Scalp Spa Scrub detoxifies your scalp and removes impurities. Scrubbing your scalp may sound a little rough, but this one is made specifically for your scalp so it gently cleanses your follicles. If your scalp is irritated, it’ll revive it and be like new within a few washes. Plus this scrub can be used as a body scrub too! When applying, massage it into your scalp and roots using your fingertips in circular motions, then rinse it out.

The Scalp Spa Wash contains Micellar Water & Celery Seed Extract which soothe and cleanse the scalp. This wash nourishes, balances, and calms the scalp. To get the best results, apply it at the root and work your way to the tips. Let it sit for a minute or two, and then rinse it out.

Combining both the Scrub and Wash will get you the best results, but using one of them is better than nothing during snow season!

If you’re interested in knowing the best regimen to use, whether it is for your scalp or your hair, stop on by and we can help you get through the changing of seasons.