Handtied Hair: Naturally Beaded Row Hair Extensions

The method

Hair extensions through Naturally Beaded Rows is the most comfortable method there is. It is a hand tied hair method that is beaded then sewn in. It is the most comfortable way to wear hair extensions. You may have up to 3 rows of NBR based on how much hair you have. A tiny bead then is clamped onto small pieces of your own hair from each section. Wefts are placed on top, and then sewn in. Using less of your own hair equals little to no hair damage.

Having the hair extensions go in like this makes it easier to style your hair. No one will know that you are wearing them because they blend so well! Every piece of hair is custom colored, matching your own hair perfectly. The overall process is less work and maintenance. 

Who can have them?

Practically anyone can have NBR. If you have thin hair as an issue, this will help you get fuller hair. If you have damaged hair, NBR will help grow your hair out. And of course you don’t really need any reason to get hair extensions either. NBR will provide you with fuller, thicker, or LONGER hair. 


When it comes to washing your hair, it’s pretty much the same as before.  Just make sure to wash in between yours rows. With conditioning, put it through your ends first. It’s best to take a Wet Brush and brush it through softly so it’s not pulling at your scalp.

The hair is 100% human hair, so treat it just like your hair. Feel free to wear your hair in a big bun, a ponytail, french braids, or down with your hair curled or blown out. To keep these extensions to last long, use proper hair care products that your hairstylist recommends. Make sure to follow the guidelines given at the end of the appointment.


This is an investment for you. Starting price is $1000+ for the install, color, cut, and style. Every 6-8 weeks a move up is required.  You can go in spending around $250 for two rows to be moved up. The more rows you have, costs are a little more. If you get color done, it will be more based off your consultation with your stylist.

Enjoying what you have

With this specific hair extension method, you can be sure to go about your daily tasks with flare. Personally, working out for me has become easier for me to do.  I can wear my hair in a ponytail and brush it out when I’m done. NBR allows me to only style one time and be great for the next 5-7 days.  So working out has become an easy task. I use less heat on my hair now and it’s healthier than before. I also feel like I’m not going bald anymore and can actually have fun with my hair.

Now that you have the low down, check out the before and afters at @thelakeshoreblonde and if you’re interested we’ll set you up for a consultation.