the intersection of passion and perseverance

my story is your story

Ardor+Grit’s Story: for a long time I have always wanted a place to call home. To have a salon that would be home to anyone and everyone who walked through the door. To be able to give part of myself in my artistic abilities and to have everyone else do the same.

Ardor+Grit is a safe place for anyone. We choose to love everyone who walks through our door and to love them unconditionally. This is a place where you, our guest, can feel free to be yourself.

Whether you are coming in for Hair Extensions, Hair Color, a Haircut, or even a Brow Wax – we want you to look and feel confident walking out our door.

We aspire to be a world renown salon for innovation, creativity, and empowering people like you.

Feel free to share the love and tell your friends. We want you to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, part of Ardor+Grit’s story. Empower your friends, neighbors, family, and community.

Welcome to Ardor+Grit where you can be YOU.


Sarah, Founder

take a peak of the space, we kinda love it a lot.